Advice & tips for brides-to-be!

jdsakdsToday Chi Tran, Floral Designer from Raindrops on Roses shares some helpful advice and tips for our brides to be…

Work With A Floral Designer Who Has A Passion For What They Do.

As a child, I love watching my parents take care of their flowers and edible garden. Raindrops on Roses Floral Design came into being when I decided to combine work and my passion for flowers. I’m having so much fun and have never looked back!

Q:  What can a bride expect from a consultation with you for her wedding?

A: Weddings are exciting, emotional, and sometimes overwhelming. A wedding floral consultation will allow the bride-to-be to get to know me, and vice versa. Any questions she may have are answered. Based on what we discuss, I can suggest flowers that are suitable for the Bride’s theme, style and budget.  A lot of ideas, and especially pictures (and sometimes fabrics) are exchanged. Afterwards, a proposal is created and includes flower photos, arrangement sample photos; as well as full price breakdown.

Q: How do you help the bride figure out a budget or stick to her budget?

A: A budget discussion is a must-have during the consultation. I help the Bride choose the right flowers to fit within her budget or provide practical ideas on how she can achieve her vision.  If the Bride wishes for certain flowers, then I can suggest how to best use those flowers effectively to maximize its value.  A lot of times, flowers for ceremony (including bouquets) can be reused during reception.

Q: Where does a bride start when it comes to figuring out the bouquet?

A: I would advise them to choose their favourite bouquet pictures found online and then show them to me. While most flowers are available year round, flowers in season are usually bigger, better, more beautiful, as well as more affordable.

All floral arrangements are custom when it comes to wedding. Every bouquet is unique because each flower is unique.  With all kinds of flowers available now, any look can be achieved any time of the year!

Raindrops on Roses

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Bare Your Skin


 Wear those tees, tanks, short skirts, long skirts, summer dresses and that swimsuit with confidence!


We all come in different shapes and sizes; something to celebrate of course but our skin doesn’t always comply. Environmental factors and the natural aging process can give way to loose, slackened and uneven toned skin.

As we age we start to lose important elements (our body stops producing them in abundance) that contribute to firmer and younger looking skin, such as collagen and sodium hyaluronate. The good news is that there are many options out there for you to help prevent, maintain and reverse this!

Body creams and lotions line the aisles however you want to make sure that the one you choose is not loaded with fillers – you want it to boast with collagen complex peptides and bio-available hydrators. You want to choose your body cream like you choose your food: fewer ingredients in the formula that work to deliver.

Body Cream

Once you have made your purchase the next step is to apply daily! It’s ok to miss a day but do make it habit in order to achieve desirable results. When applying, always best to use upward circular motions. A little skin massage if you will.

I encourage you to take the challenge:

Day 0: have someone (that you trust with your deep dark secrets) take a photo of your knee area. You know the area…the one where that fold is hanging by a thread to not fully cover that patella of yours!

Pick your collagen peptide complex body cream. Apply daily for 14 days using upward circular strokes.


Day 14 call that person back for your “after” photo….you will be pleasantly surprised! It may take a bit longer than 2 weeks but have no fear – it really is never too late!


Thank you Guest Blogger,


4 keys into creating your look



You may feel that you have to dress like a superstar or a T.V spokesperson to look beautiful ,but did you know that following the trend doesn’t make you an individual? Being yourself, creating your own look, defines “your” beauty, “your” personality, “your” image. Nowadays people look in the mirror comparing themselves to celebrities, but wouldn’t it be nice, for people to compare themselves to you? Creating your look shows your creativity and confidence that no one can take from you. You should express yourself with your sense of style. 4 keys can build your sexier, bolder look that you can call yours.

Determine your colours

Having a personal colour scheme is a hallmark of all truly stylist women. You fashion-color-wheelneed to assess your hair, skin and eye colour as well as what colours you feel you look the best in. Determining your “season” can introduce you to a whole new palette of colours! The point of doing this is to use these colours as a guide while shopping so that you can select the pieces that will look best on you. I’m a fall, what are you?

Embrace your Body!

Although I cannot tell you what to wear, regardless of your body shape, learning to 25d3b9ec8fb6c545159716b9df5e656edress for your body type is a jumping off point when you are developing your style. Highlighting your body features saves you much time and can make you look from average to amazing. The most important thing you can do when you are studying your shape is to stay positive. Don’t start criticizing yourself that you have a big stomach and fat legs. Start accepting your shape; understand that having skinny legs, flat chest and broad shoulders is also beautiful. With confidence bring a positive mind and a healthy woman.

Choose a style Trademark!

Something that you wear daily can make your look stand out, for example a necklace or a ring. Usually a signature look or item chooses you, an item that you love so much you will want to wear it every day, and also has value to you and makes people remind themselves of you.

Create an inspirational folder “lookbook”

A great way of honing your style is to have a personal lookbook; pictures of your past outfits that you can see your fashion sense and how much you’ve improved. By documenting your style, or just saving them on your computer on a daily basic you get to see which outfit you liked, looked best on you, and it’s a fun fantastic way of you to see yourself dressed up in different outfits.


Summer and Your Skin


Sunscreen back

Summer, the warmest of four seasons, brings us beautiful days filled with endless hours of sunshine!  (or at least we hope!)

Friendly get-togethers,  barbeques, family trips, outdoor events. All things fun and exciting!  However it is also a time to get serious with your skin care routine.

Follow these simple steps to keep your skin healthy, and take action against damaged, photo-aged and environmentally stressed skin. Because let’s face it, that amazing summer outfit that you put on, goes best with great-looking skin.

  • Protect your skin. It is likely that you will be on the go more during the warmer months, so cleanse and apply sunscreen DAILY. You want to make sure you use a gentle skin cleanser to remove debris from your overnight slumber, and to remove dirt, oils &make up from your daytime follies. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes BEFORE sun exposure. We all know it, but most of us do not do it. Apply and re-apply. Re-apply every 2 hours, even if you have not been sweating or swimming or towelling. Sunscreen can only be effective if you apply and re-apply. And remember, chemical sunscreens can breakdown in extreme heat – so DO NOT store in your glove compartment. (True story: over time with exposure to extreme heat chemical sunscreens break down, making them not as effective in helping to protect your skin.)
  • Keep it hydrated. Skin that is dry tends to look dull. The sun shines bright, so why not let your skin shine as well! Even if your skin is prone to being oily, you still need a moisturizer to keep it hydrated. Apply a lightweight moisturizer day and / or night to cleansed skin.
  • Treat and help minimize sun spots. Pigmentation issues and dark patches tend to appear most when we have more exposure to the sun. Apply a lightening/ brightening skin care product to help ward off these pesky dark issues. Use something that will not be harsh on the skin nor cause irritation. Keep away from products with bleach!

Amp up your antioxidants. Inside and out. Take advantage of the abundance fresh fruits and veggies! Eating your leafy greens and increasing your Vitamin A and C intake will help to get your skin healthy from within. Apply these vitamins topically as well –

  • Vitamin c serums are great for daytime, where Vitamin A serums are ideal for night time.

Frit and veg

Be safe and have fun all summer-long, and remember to take along great-looking healthy skin!


Thank you Guest Blogger,


Wedding Flowers

If you are planning a wedding one of the many things to think about will be flowers!

With so many choices, how do you decide on where to start? Check out our blog next week when we address some of the questions YOU may have. I will be chatting with Chi Tran, Floral Designer from Raindrops on Roses on what a bride can expect when approaching a floral designer. In the meantime we welcome questions from you, our readers, on anything flower related! Be sure to check out our blog next week on details how floral arrangements and working with your floral designer can make your wedding and ceremony so extra special!



Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Kortright Centre for Conservation – Woodbridge, Ontario

The Kortright Centre for Conservation, or just The Kortright Centre, is more than just a wedding venue. It’s a suburban conservation area in Woodbridge, Ontario, in the northern part of the Greater Toronto Area. Made up predominantly of forests, The attractions include horse riding, a shop, The Maple Syrup Festival and a small theatre showing films that discuss the endangerment of forests in the Toronto area.

In terms of weddings, There are three venues on the premises in which marriages are performed:

Cathedral of Trees

200 Guests

Forest Path

120 Guests

Forest Gallery (also a reception venue)

200 Guests

With two additional Reception venues:

Glass House:

120 Guests

Main Hall:

150 Guests

The wedding menu includes a choice of five Hors D’Oeuvres with selections such as Butter Chicken Skewers, Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Polenta Bites. Dinner includes a salad course (Mixed Greens, Arugula or Classic Caesar), pasta (Penne a la Vodka or Fusilli) or soup (Potato & Leek or Maple Butternut Squash) and a chicken, salmon or vegetarian entreé. Finally, dessert is a choice of Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream, Apple Blossom with Creme Chantilly and house-made caramel, Lemon or Mango Sorbet with fresh seasonal berries or a Classic Cheesecake with house-made Caramel or Strawberry sauce.

With a specialized package for winter weddings, unique tips on how to make your wedding environmentally friendly and a function to book online, The Kortright Centre for Conservation is a great one stop shop for all of your most basic, rustic and unique wedding needs.

Check out their website for more information. Prices are not avaliable online, but you can e-mail

Welcome Pan Am – Let the games begin!

Below is a snap shot of Roncesvalles avenue residents who were lucky to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the torch pass through their own neighbourhood yesterday morning, July 9th, 2015.

pan am torch logo

By the time the opening ceremonies begin today at 8pm, the torch will have passed through 130 communities! Originally lit in a traditional ceremony in Teotihuacán Mexico, before it travelled to Canada, the flame represents the spirit of the games and is a symbol that unites the 41 Pan American Sports Organizations (PASO) member nations. The torch relay ends today and kicks of the official Opening Ceremonies, which are sure to create lasting memories for our city and all the wonderful athletes!

pic 2 pan am games

pic 3pan am games

pic 5 pan am games

pic4 pan am games

For more information on the Pan Am and Para Pan Am games check out the official pan am website at and tune in tonight for a magical night of entertainment right here in our beautiful city!