All The Right Curves

Stella's #4

It is one of the  most exciting days of your life. There’s planning and coordinating and wedding gown shopping. You found YOUR gown; THE wedding gown for your big day whether it is in a year from now or two weeks away. The most exciting part of your wedding planning is complete! Now, where to find proper undergarments that are comfortable, not overly priced, and where customer service and knowledge about product is high. After all, these pictures will stay with you for many many moons. You look great in your  gown and it fits well but your thighs look like they stick out just  a bit more than what you like and your are now thinking about the food you will be enjoying on your wedding day. How to keep that tummy feeling comfortable and looking great. I’m not saying it has to be flat, you just do not want it to bulge out of your dress after your meal.

I have the answer: STELLA’S CORSET!

897 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3K 1E6
(416) 398-7867

They carry various corsets and undergarments to compliment any figure. They are a specialty lingerie store with affordable prices and amazing wash and wear quality. The staff are extremity knowledge based and will take time to listen to your needs and wants. Its a really good idea though to take your gown with you when planning to visit Stella’s Corset. It just makes it easier to get properly fitted.

Stella #1                Stella #2                  Stella #3

I encourage you to check out their website and /or visit their store. They have much more to offer than just what you see. Many of their products come in nude/black/white. The other phenomenal thing about Stella’s is that all their products are orthopedic. So its a slimming orthopedic solution to fit anyone and their budget. Orthopedics without a doctor’s referral? How novel!

Stella #5

I, personally, am able to endorse Stella’s Corset because I am loyal customer from body shapers, to butt lifter jeans, to sport pants. All it takes is a first visit and you will understand how something that may seem small, and even to some superficial, but life changing at the same time. When you feel that you look good, you automatically feel good; when you feel good you are confident; when you are confident you are happy; when yo are happy life flows smoothly. Too far fetched??

Think of the when you are  happy and what kind of response you receive from friends/family/strangers!

Yours Truly wearing Stella Corset Butt Lifter Jeans,


Ring Of Fire – One Of The Best Experiences of My Life

On August 9th, I had the unique opportunity to participate in a procession down University Avenue. There were 300 participants of different abilities. It started at Queen’s Park and ended at Nathan Phillips Square. The timing of the parade was carefully planned to coincide with the Para Pan Am Games.

All the participants were broken into different groups. Each group represented one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth. Each group wore different colours depicting each moment of the day, ranging from sunrise to sunset.

7 GF Teachings

All of the participants wore stunning masks and some had wings as well. All of the costumes were designed by Trinidadian artist Marlon Griffith. He had taken up residence at the Art Gallery of York University.

Marlon Griffith

As we went down University Avenue, hundreds of people lined the streets. Everyone was taking pictures of us and some even applauded as we went down the street. Along the route, there were spoken word poets and Native drumming. When we got to Nathan Phillips Square, we all ushered into the Square and there was a circle dance as well.

I cannot tell you how utterly amazing that experience was. I have always been proud of who I am but when I saw the support people showed us, it gave me a stronger sense of pride and stronger sense of self.

I would do it again in a heartbeat



Summer Glimmer… care and your eyes

Let the sun shine bright!


Enjoy the benefits the sun has to offer….such as vitamin D for us (be sure to wear sunscreen) and goodness for all earthly vegetation.  Flowers in full bloom. Trees blustering with green. So much to set your eyes on! So much and so bright it is important to protect them….not only with a swag pair of sunglasses but from the lines and crinkles that can occur with repeated squinting.

With or without sunglasses you may not realize it but we tend to tense our eye area,  making it prone to expression lines and crows feet. Your regular day or night cream will not suffice for this delicate area.

You really need to use a site specific eye care serum.


Try to stay away from eye creams as they can swell up the under eye area  giving you another issue to address later on.

A good eye care serum will help to hydrate as well as provide anti -aging benefits. The eye zone is delicate and thinner skinned thus requiring dedicated attention. Be sure to apply daytime before makeup and night time before bed and after cleansing. Overnight is when we go into repair process so if you are pressed for time then, at minimum, apply night time.

water glass

The options can feel endless so I like the “process of elimination” approach. This may require a bit of education on your part – only something to gain! Look for something that is not riddled with fillers. A serum that utilizes sodium hyaluronate (or hyaluronic acid – which is NOT an actual acid) is usually ideal.

Sodium hyaluronate is naturally occurring in our bodies (it is like a big drink of water for your skin!). It acts as a lubricant between our joints and when applied topically aids in hydration. Hydrated skin is firmer and more refined. Elements we want to impart to our eye zone!

So get out there and set your eyes on the sights but be sure to protect with sunshades and topical skin care!

Thank you guest Blogger Patricia, skin care expert!

If anyone would like to receive  further tips and tricks  on taking care of your skin and specific problematic areas, please email me at Patricia and I go way back and she’d be more than happy to assist!



The swan is often seen as a symbol that is associated with many beautiful things such as loyalty, unity, and love.  When two swans come together and form the shape of a heart, we often get a feeling  of romance and love. It is a lovely sight to see!  It is no wonder though, since when swans do ‘pair up’, it tends to be for a lifetime!

Here is a little twist on the symbolism, if you are looking to make a statement that is a little more out there and fun! It was posted on Canada AM, CTV this morning….

Perhaps the perfect idea for the adventurous  Bride and  Groom who want to make a ‘unique’ entrance,  all while displaying the love symbolism of the beautiful swan?

Your wedding party would never forget this!

*The creator of the TURBO SWAN is Clark Waite,  from Kensington, PEI.


Thank You to all our sponsors and supporters!


Windfall Brides would like to Thank Everyone who came out to the Jeanne Lottie shopping event on August 8th, and made a purchase in support of  our social enterprise for women.

jane4Thank You to Jane Ip from the Jeanne Lottie Boutique for choosing Windfall Brides as the charity of choice and donating 10% of proceeds from Saturday’s event towards our social enterprise!.

As well as our wonderful contributors of flowers and desserts: Chi from Raindrops on Roses Floral Design &  Monja and Barbara from CakeStar!


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Ahhh….summer…….time to relax and enjoy ! That is when you are not at work, taking the dog for a walk, grocery shopping , doing laundry, feeding the children, bathing the children, getting the family picnic ready, cleaning up after the picnic, picking up dry cleaning, teaching your child a sport or activity, swimming, cycling, chasing the cat back into the house , eating or cooking. After all this, time to relax! PHEW. We may not realize it , but all of this involves the extreme use of our necks!  Did you know that that the neck supports 1/7th of total body weight or about 10-15 lbs and is the most freely moving part of the spine?  What does this have to do with anything ?  I will tell you…..given all the stress that the neck has to endure it is very susceptible to showing signs of aging!  Sagging skin, turkey neck crepey skin – these are all caused by time, pull of gravity, weight change day – to – day life and sun exposure.

Aging will is certain to occur naturally, even if we just “be”, however we can take steps to help make sure we age with grace.


  • Sunscreen is important all year, especially during the warmer months. The skin on the neck and chest is thin, so sun damage is easier to come by and yet harder to repair. Protect the sensitive neck & décolleté areas to help ward off further UV damage.
  • Think about what feels best against your skin! Scratchy wool can cause irritation to the delicate neck & décolleté areas. In the summer, cover up as much as you can. If you want to flaunt it, do so with at minimum a sheer layer.
  • bottles   SHOP FOR SKIN CARE
  • Look for creams that will help boost hydration , help address uneven skin tone and that are boasting with collagen complex peptides. These peptides will help support new collagen leaving you with firmer-looking skin.
  • Follow these simple steps and your neck will thank you for it later!

Thank you guest blogger Patricia……… care expert!!


Bare your feet …steps to great looking summer feet

It’s time to feature your feet and bare your toes. Release them from the confines of shoes rain boots and socks.

If you are anything like me your feet actually look and feel better during the colder months. This is because they are more sheltered. No bare foot grass sand or pavement running. No pool decks. Just the comfort of cozy cotton socks. Needless to say there are steps to take (no pun intended) for great summer foot care.

First thing is first. Treat yourself to a pedicure start of the season.


This will help you maintain your feet all summer long (! That first pedicure is absolute key. It reminds you of how lovely your toes look painted.)  A “summer cleaning” if you will.

From here it is easy..all maintenance can be done in comfort of your own home. Like the rest of your body moisturize nightly…just as you’re getting into bed. This way if your feet sweat they will not do so all over your new cutest sandals ever.

Get yourself two colors of nail polish and rotate them.

nail polish

This way you do not spend too much time trying to choose! The choice process will only be that first time in front of the amazing wall of shades. The nice thing about your polished toes is that you can keep it looking fresh for a good 2 weeks. Limited time is needed to wear your feet and toes with confidence.

And the last step……keep a pumice stone or foot file in the shower.

pumice stone

Thank you Guest Blogger Patricia.

Some of you may have noticed our guest blogger focuses on skin care and maintenance. Patricia is an expert in skin care and has been in the industry fo rover 15 years.