What Style Suits Your Bride?

When you find the woman of your dreams, you want to choose the perfect engagement ring. Some women love sparkle, some love other gemstones and some just like something simple. If you are struggling to decide what to get, don’t fear. Here is a list of some of the trends that are hot right now.

  1. Delicate Silhouettes – Classic elegance is back! Couples are opting for thinner and petite bands so this style is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want a lot of bling, or someone who isn’t really a fan of engagement rings period. This style usually has accent diamonds that give subtle shimmer. As a result, the centre gemstone really pops.
  2. Scalloped Pave Accents – This style is for the couple that wants to minimize the look of the fine metal and maximize the shimmer. Couples today are going for scalloped or French pave diamonds. Today, handcrafted, vintage style rings are all the rage so if that’s the look you want, this style of ring is perfect for you.
  3. Claw Prong Settings – This setting cascades down to a narrow, super fine tip.  This minimizes the amount of precious metal needed to secure the centre stone. This allows the beauty of the ring to be showcased above everything else. Claw prongs and “split claw” prongs add a special designer detail to a style that is very classic.
  4. Nature-Inspired Designs – This style is ideal for the couple who love the outdoors. The nature feel can be achieved by using the look of vines, leaves and buds. Wispy, naturalistic designs are sought out by a lot of couples.
  5. Twisting and Woven Silhouettes – Many couples today are attracted to bands that feature strands of metal and diamonds that intertwine. This style of ring is a very romantic choice. This style can symbolize infinite love and fates that intertwine.Lissome-Diamond-Ring-copy

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