Diamonds In The Rough

If you’re preparing to propose to that special someone and are seeking a unique ring for the occasion, look no farther than natural, uncut diamond rings.

Rough diamond jewellery differs from its counterpart in that it features a diamond in its natural form straight from the earth, minimally manipulated, where typical diamonds have been processed.

These rings come in many of the same styles that typical engagement rings do, but their stunning natural state evokes a metaphor of sorts for the people and bonds they represent: beautiful just as they are. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Raw Diamond Engagement Ring – 18k and 14k Gold Uncut Diamond Ring – $434.25

2. Rough Diamond Wedding Set – $1170 – $1530

3. Rough Diamond with Side Rough Black Diamonds on Rounded Band

4. Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, Unique Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver Wedding Band, Size 7 Engagement Ring

5. Diamond Engagement Ring, Raw Diamond Ring, Size 7 Engagement Ring, Diamond Wedding Band

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