ceremony-cat-imgIf you haven’t heard about “Matilyn | Life Customized”, you are in for a treat! They are all about romance, fantasy, elegance and creating lasting memories. Helping to make your wedding day the most special day of your life is their goal. Inspired by their own love fairy tale, and an unforgettable wedding day, a passion was ignited to help other couples experience the same- a truly ‘one of a kind’ wedding experience!
How Matilyn| Life Customized Works
The Matilyn team of designers start off with creating a unique crest for the bride and groom, based on the couple’s personality, individuality and their wishes for their special day. Once complete, the crest becomes a symbol that can be used on all types of applications from email invites, to invitations/ stationary, to table runners and even a custom family website. The possibilities here are endless!

matilyn_wedding_ringholders_cm01_rgb_72dpi-crop-u1524Matilyn | Life Customized provides and creates custom, beautifully designed handmade pieces that can be incorporated in ways as far as your imagination can take you. These added touches, create an almost Regal/ Royal ambiance and are sure to be remembered and talked about  for years to come. ∼

For more info about Matilyn, check out our Q & A  interview with Catherine and Matthew, the couple behind the business. Just click on ‘continue reading’ below! 

E x C L U S I V E   O F F E R !



when you book your package with Matilyn|Life Customized before December 31,2015 

Newly engaged?  Have a question about decorating ideas, style and fashion, etiquette or wedding budget?   Send your questions to  Matilyn’s newly published ADVICE BLOG, all at!



Q: Matthew and Catherine, what would you like our readers to know about you and your services?

A:  At Matilyn, WE LOVE Weddings!!!! From the smallest details to the WOW factor that can push the application boundaries after creating the “brand” for the couple.

Q: What can a bride and groom expect when contacting you, what is the process?

A:  First, we meet with the couple for their complimentary consultation. By getting to know who they are as a couple and digging deep into their imagination of how they envision their special day, we will provide inspiration for their customized concept. A custom wedding package will be configured to incorporate all that is needed to make their dreams come true. Back at the studio, we will create concepts and in some cases a hand-sized mock-up to show the couple what they can expect.

Q: What would you like potential brides and grooms to know about the difference that you can make to their wedding day?

A:  What Matilyn provides is the essence of a truly customized wedding that will have your loved ones talking about your union for years to come. We work incredibly hard to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will surprise, impress and excite the bride and groom as well as their friends/family. Our goal is to create memories that will last forever.

Q: Your creativity seems to have no boundaries, how involved is the bride and groom in the process? How involved do they ‘need’ to be?

A:  The inspiration stems from the couple and as such they will be involved in the beginning of the process but then Matilyn will take the inspiration and run with it. After the final sign-off, we at Matilyn will make sure every piece is executed to our high standards.
Q: With brides having budgets that range from modest to extravagant, are you able to work with any budget?

A:  We can certainly work with most budgets, but what we’re offering at Matilyn is high-quality, custom design as unique as the couple with flawless project execution. Key price drivers include the type of pieces created and number of guests will ultimately drive any budgetary constraints. We offer Save-the-Date eblast (an affordable way to send out Save-the-Dates) and a well-designed customized Wedding Website (mobile friendly and secure), free of charge when booking their package. ∼ pinterest2

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