Bridal Trends of Fall 2015

To all the Brides- to- Be, top Fall Trends of 2015. Go trendy, go traditional, go with a bit of both; whatever you  choose, choose because you want it, fell in love with it. Whether you pay $200 or $20,000, its all about you, THE BRIDE!!

Let the Trends begin!!

Trend- Cut outs                        Trend- Outer Wear                 Trend- turtleneck

       Cut Outs                                  Outer Wear                            Turtleneck

Trend-Deep V                        Trends- Crop Tops                Trends- Feathers

 V Neck                                        Crop Tops                            Feathers

Trends- floncy sleeves                        Trends- Fringe                 Trends- Laser-Cut Florals

 Flouncy Sleeves                            Fringe                                 Laser-Cut Florals

Trends- Metallic                 Trends- Pants               Trends- Sheer skirts

        Metallic                                       Pants                                 Sheer Skirts

Trends-Corset Bodice

Corset Bodice

Some trends stray way off the beaten path, like the Bridal Pants. Hey, its not a  bad idea. After all, you are  dressed all day long so why not choose pants, especially if its an autumn or winter wedding??

I, for one, am appreciating the outer wear for gowns. There are many more choices other than wearing just a bolero. The outer wear depicted could become a piece of your wardrobe; and affordable!!

Whatever tickles your fancy, I think they did a pretty good job in picking out something for everyone. Remember the gowns depicted are runway, high designer, gowns and a variation of each gown can be found. Maybe you like feathers but you can have as accents on  your gown, not necessarily the full gown.

Happy Gown Shopping to all you Brides to Be!

With Fashion in My Heart,


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