All The Right Curves

Stella's #4

It is one of the  most exciting days of your life. There’s planning and coordinating and wedding gown shopping. You found YOUR gown; THE wedding gown for your big day whether it is in a year from now or two weeks away. The most exciting part of your wedding planning is complete! Now, where to find proper undergarments that are comfortable, not overly priced, and where customer service and knowledge about product is high. After all, these pictures will stay with you for many many moons. You look great in your  gown and it fits well but your thighs look like they stick out just  a bit more than what you like and your are now thinking about the food you will be enjoying on your wedding day. How to keep that tummy feeling comfortable and looking great. I’m not saying it has to be flat, you just do not want it to bulge out of your dress after your meal.

I have the answer: STELLA’S CORSET!

897 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3K 1E6
(416) 398-7867

They carry various corsets and undergarments to compliment any figure. They are a specialty lingerie store with affordable prices and amazing wash and wear quality. The staff are extremity knowledge based and will take time to listen to your needs and wants. Its a really good idea though to take your gown with you when planning to visit Stella’s Corset. It just makes it easier to get properly fitted.

Stella #1                Stella #2                  Stella #3

I encourage you to check out their website and /or visit their store. They have much more to offer than just what you see. Many of their products come in nude/black/white. The other phenomenal thing about Stella’s is that all their products are orthopedic. So its a slimming orthopedic solution to fit anyone and their budget. Orthopedics without a doctor’s referral? How novel!

Stella #5

I, personally, am able to endorse Stella’s Corset because I am loyal customer from body shapers, to butt lifter jeans, to sport pants. All it takes is a first visit and you will understand how something that may seem small, and even to some superficial, but life changing at the same time. When you feel that you look good, you automatically feel good; when you feel good you are confident; when you are confident you are happy; when yo are happy life flows smoothly. Too far fetched??

Think of the when you are  happy and what kind of response you receive from friends/family/strangers!

Yours Truly wearing Stella Corset Butt Lifter Jeans,


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