Bare your feet …steps to great looking summer feet

It’s time to feature your feet and bare your toes. Release them from the confines of shoes rain boots and socks.

If you are anything like me your feet actually look and feel better during the colder months. This is because they are more sheltered. No bare foot grass sand or pavement running. No pool decks. Just the comfort of cozy cotton socks. Needless to say there are steps to take (no pun intended) for great summer foot care.

First thing is first. Treat yourself to a pedicure start of the season.


This will help you maintain your feet all summer long (! That first pedicure is absolute key. It reminds you of how lovely your toes look painted.)  A “summer cleaning” if you will.

From here it is easy..all maintenance can be done in comfort of your own home. Like the rest of your body moisturize nightly…just as you’re getting into bed. This way if your feet sweat they will not do so all over your new cutest sandals ever.

Get yourself two colors of nail polish and rotate them.

nail polish

This way you do not spend too much time trying to choose! The choice process will only be that first time in front of the amazing wall of shades. The nice thing about your polished toes is that you can keep it looking fresh for a good 2 weeks. Limited time is needed to wear your feet and toes with confidence.

And the last step……keep a pumice stone or foot file in the shower.

pumice stone

Thank you Guest Blogger Patricia.

Some of you may have noticed our guest blogger focuses on skin care and maintenance. Patricia is an expert in skin care and has been in the industry fo rover 15 years.

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