Storybook Photographer: Kurtz Orpia

Are you getting married but you need a photographer and cannot find one? Well, worry no more! Recently, The Dress Shop worked with photographer Kurtz Orpia.

Kurtz is a photographer who works to capture every moment of your special day. Every photo he takes tells a story. While taking his photos, Kurtz uses  a blend of fine portraits and journalistic style. His photos are memories that last a lifetime.

Kurtz is based in Burlington, Ontario, but he loves to travel in order to capture a couple’s special day!

Rockway Vineyard Shoot-FILM (18)
Photo by Kurtz Orpia
Flowers by Bloom and Co
Calligraphy by Seniman Calligraphy
Styling by Lasting Events

Come and Check Out The Dress Shop’s Holiday Dress Sale!

Do you need a dress for all the holiday parties coming up? Well you’re in luck because The Dress Shop’s (Formerly Windfall Brides) Holiday Dress Sale is starting October 23rd, 2015 (that’s tomorrow) and it goes till November 14th, 2015.

Come and see our wide selection of cocktail dresses priced at $40.00* (tax included!) All the proceeds from sales go toward operating The Dress Shop, a Social Enterprise that employs disadvantaged women in the GTA.

Dress Sale - Oct 2015 (3)

*Brian Bailey dresses are priced at $100.00 (they sell at retail for more than $400.00).

Hope to see you there!

Happily Engaged!

images1GG5GJF6Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful and momentous  times of your life! You are feeling on top of the world and your love for one another is at a peak that you could never even imagine. How sweet it is!!!

Soon you will  come to  realize there is lots of planning ahead of you.  Well, no worries, with Matilyn|Life Customized you are on your way to making your special day the most memorable day you can imagine.

At Matilyn, they simply LOVE WEDDINGS!!! The couple behind the business has a fairy tale story of their own and their goal is  to make your wedding day a fairy tale and dream come true.

Check out the Matilyn|Life Customized  for unique and creative ideas for your special day!  Send your wedding related questions to Ask The Mrs. Matilyn’s newly published advice blog. Check out for all the info.

Love  is Grand!♥  

With  Thanksgiving around the corner just wanted to send a special shout out to the my fiancé; the love of my life, my soul mate, and  best friend….Image result for my heart is perfect because you are inside

Take love, multiply it by infnity and take it to the depths of forever….And you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you 

Quotes courtesty of – and  Meet Joe Black (1998) – Quotes – IMDb


What Style Suits Your Bride?

When you find the woman of your dreams, you want to choose the perfect engagement ring. Some women love sparkle, some love other gemstones and some just like something simple. If you are struggling to decide what to get, don’t fear. Here is a list of some of the trends that are hot right now.

  1. Delicate Silhouettes – Classic elegance is back! Couples are opting for thinner and petite bands so this style is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want a lot of bling, or someone who isn’t really a fan of engagement rings period. This style usually has accent diamonds that give subtle shimmer. As a result, the centre gemstone really pops.
  2. Scalloped Pave Accents – This style is for the couple that wants to minimize the look of the fine metal and maximize the shimmer. Couples today are going for scalloped or French pave diamonds. Today, handcrafted, vintage style rings are all the rage so if that’s the look you want, this style of ring is perfect for you.
  3. Claw Prong Settings – This setting cascades down to a narrow, super fine tip.  This minimizes the amount of precious metal needed to secure the centre stone. This allows the beauty of the ring to be showcased above everything else. Claw prongs and “split claw” prongs add a special designer detail to a style that is very classic.
  4. Nature-Inspired Designs – This style is ideal for the couple who love the outdoors. The nature feel can be achieved by using the look of vines, leaves and buds. Wispy, naturalistic designs are sought out by a lot of couples.
  5. Twisting and Woven Silhouettes – Many couples today are attracted to bands that feature strands of metal and diamonds that intertwine. This style of ring is a very romantic choice. This style can symbolize infinite love and fates that intertwine.Lissome-Diamond-Ring-copy

Diamonds In The Rough

If you’re preparing to propose to that special someone and are seeking a unique ring for the occasion, look no farther than natural, uncut diamond rings.

Rough diamond jewellery differs from its counterpart in that it features a diamond in its natural form straight from the earth, minimally manipulated, where typical diamonds have been processed.

These rings come in many of the same styles that typical engagement rings do, but their stunning natural state evokes a metaphor of sorts for the people and bonds they represent: beautiful just as they are. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Raw Diamond Engagement Ring – 18k and 14k Gold Uncut Diamond Ring – $434.25

2. Rough Diamond Wedding Set – $1170 – $1530

3. Rough Diamond with Side Rough Black Diamonds on Rounded Band

4. Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, Unique Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver Wedding Band, Size 7 Engagement Ring

5. Diamond Engagement Ring, Raw Diamond Ring, Size 7 Engagement Ring, Diamond Wedding Band


ceremony-cat-imgIf you haven’t heard about “Matilyn | Life Customized”, you are in for a treat! They are all about romance, fantasy, elegance and creating lasting memories. Helping to make your wedding day the most special day of your life is their goal. Inspired by their own love fairy tale, and an unforgettable wedding day, a passion was ignited to help other couples experience the same- a truly ‘one of a kind’ wedding experience!
How Matilyn| Life Customized Works
The Matilyn team of designers start off with creating a unique crest for the bride and groom, based on the couple’s personality, individuality and their wishes for their special day. Once complete, the crest becomes a symbol that can be used on all types of applications from email invites, to invitations/ stationary, to table runners and even a custom family website. The possibilities here are endless!

matilyn_wedding_ringholders_cm01_rgb_72dpi-crop-u1524Matilyn | Life Customized provides and creates custom, beautifully designed handmade pieces that can be incorporated in ways as far as your imagination can take you. These added touches, create an almost Regal/ Royal ambiance and are sure to be remembered and talked about  for years to come. ∼

For more info about Matilyn, check out our Q & A  interview with Catherine and Matthew, the couple behind the business. Just click on ‘continue reading’ below! 

E x C L U S I V E   O F F E R !



when you book your package with Matilyn|Life Customized before December 31,2015 

Newly engaged?  Have a question about decorating ideas, style and fashion, etiquette or wedding budget?   Send your questions to  Matilyn’s newly published ADVICE BLOG, all at!


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Bridal Trends of Fall 2015

To all the Brides- to- Be, top Fall Trends of 2015. Go trendy, go traditional, go with a bit of both; whatever you  choose, choose because you want it, fell in love with it. Whether you pay $200 or $20,000, its all about you, THE BRIDE!!

Let the Trends begin!!

Trend- Cut outs                        Trend- Outer Wear                 Trend- turtleneck

       Cut Outs                                  Outer Wear                            Turtleneck

Trend-Deep V                        Trends- Crop Tops                Trends- Feathers

 V Neck                                        Crop Tops                            Feathers

Trends- floncy sleeves                        Trends- Fringe                 Trends- Laser-Cut Florals

 Flouncy Sleeves                            Fringe                                 Laser-Cut Florals

Trends- Metallic                 Trends- Pants               Trends- Sheer skirts

        Metallic                                       Pants                                 Sheer Skirts

Trends-Corset Bodice

Corset Bodice

Some trends stray way off the beaten path, like the Bridal Pants. Hey, its not a  bad idea. After all, you are  dressed all day long so why not choose pants, especially if its an autumn or winter wedding??

I, for one, am appreciating the outer wear for gowns. There are many more choices other than wearing just a bolero. The outer wear depicted could become a piece of your wardrobe; and affordable!!

Whatever tickles your fancy, I think they did a pretty good job in picking out something for everyone. Remember the gowns depicted are runway, high designer, gowns and a variation of each gown can be found. Maybe you like feathers but you can have as accents on  your gown, not necessarily the full gown.

Happy Gown Shopping to all you Brides to Be!

With Fashion in My Heart,